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UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 20 節を作る(Ⅳ) 副詞節(2) 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) that
(2) though
(3) even if
(4) who
(5) The/ the
(6) so
(7) whether/ not
Step 2
(1) so fast that I could
(2) matter how often I call the theater
(3) the more nervous Paige became
(4) but he spoke as though he knew all
(5) however fast we ran, he
Step 3
(1) No matter how rich you are, you must not waste things.
(2) This story has so many difficult words that I can't understand it.
(3) Though a lot of books and magazines are published, people spend less and less time reading.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 19 節を作る(Ⅲ) 副詞節(1) 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) while
(2) since
(3) before
(4) because
(5) if
(6) of
(7) until
(8) unless
(9) so
Step 2
(1) to drink while you're waiting
(2) television the moment I switched it on
(3) so that I could experience the daily life of different families
(4) and under are not permitted to use the swimming pool unless
Step 3
(1) Americans enjoy laughing at themselves because they are basically optimistic.
(2) Go upstairs and read so that the baby won't wake up.
(3) He succeeded not because he had a talent for business but because he had a good luck.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 18 節を作る(Ⅱ) 関係詞(形容詞節) 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) when
(2) which
(3) whose
(4) why
(5) who
(6) which
(7) who
(8) way
(9) when
Step 2
(1) in a country where English is
(2) places that few of them had seen
(3) have reduced the amount of fat they
(4) forget the beautiful woman he had seen reading a book
(5) why we don't respect those who don't have it
Step 3
(1) There are cafes where you have a rest or meet someone you know in Japan.
(2) She wants to see a friend who she played with when she was a girl.
(3) One of the mistakes which Japanese students make when they study English is to depend too much on their knowledge of the Japanese language.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 17 節を作る(Ⅰ)名詞節 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) how
(2) that
(3) whether
(4) that
(5) what
(6) why
(7) What
(8) how
(9) that
Step 2
(1) asked him how many people were present
(2) a rumor that a car which runs on
(3) what we can do to help him
(4) is not what we think him to
(5) that we are likely to blame others for
Step 3
(1) It was not easy to understand what he wanted to say.
(2) When you go abroad, you often realize how much you don't know about your own country.
(3) When the Internet started to become popular, we often heard the opinion that it would change the world.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 16 句を作る(Ⅲ)動名詞 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) reading
(2) sleeping
(3) to call
(4) to stop/ doing
(5) to be
(6) getting/ hearing/ spoken/ to enjoy/ studying
(7) to listen
Step 2
(1) fighting/ there is no stopping them
(2) never see this picture without being reminded of
(3) mind telling us what you think of
(4) carrying a book with the writer's name on the cover is trendy
(5) it's no use buying such an expensive dictionary
Step 3
(1) I had much difficulty stopping smoking, but it has been ten years since I stopped smoking.
(2) I remember going to a restaurant by the lake with my father when I was ten.
(3) We have decided to go to Tokyo by train. We don't feel like taking a plane in such a bad weather.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 15 句を作る(Ⅱ)分詞 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) destroyed
(2) growing/ in
(3) caught
(4) have/ checked
(5) Generally speaking
Step 2
(1) I first had my hair cut short
(2) watched the movie standing because every seat
(3) Judging from the way he speaks English
(4) sit in the park and watch his grandchildren playing
(5) learn that most earthquakes occur/ certain areas called belts
Step 3
(1) People living in the city sometimes want to visit the country.
(2) Talking of a trip, I'm going to Kyoto with two friends of mine.
(3) I was surprised to see a lot of trash scattered on the coast of Lake Biwa.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 14 句を作る(Ⅰ)不定詞 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) to teach
(2) too/ to
(3) to
(4) to be
(5) for everyone to
Step 2
(1) It is impossible for him to do the job
(2) a terrible shock to discover that he had
(3) In order for the child to gain
(4) not big enough to carry
(5) seems to know how to get around problems
Step 3
(1) In order to save energy, we have to change our lifestyle.
(2) Their parents are too poor to send them to school.
(3) It is fun to talk frankly with a friend about an interesting book.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 13 比較 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) as/ as
(2) bigger/ mine
(3) faster than
(4) best of
(5) twice as old
(6) as/ as possible
Step 2
(1) makes people more miserable than war
(2) eat as many vegetables as you can
(3) the cleverest robot I have ever seen
(4) looks like more her father than
Step 3
(1) Nothing is more fun than being able to speak English.
(2) There are more people who are transferred in the U. S. than in Japan.
(3) When it comes to convenience, the telephone is the best tool.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 12 冠詞 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) a/ a/ the/ the
(2) a/ the/ 無
(3) the/ the/ an
(4) a/ the/ the
(5) a/ the
(6) a/ the/ the
(7) 無
(8) The/ 無
(9) a/ a/ the/ a
(10) a/ a
(11) 無/ a
(12) the
Step 2
(1) needn't have left the party
(2) Not all Japanese write good Japanese.
(3) think of the new shop which has just opened
(4) who turned out to be a
(5) an opinion as to what the person is
Step 3
(1) More than three hundred million people speak English as their mother tongue.
(2) In the early 19th century, few people write with a pen.
(3) The boy looks like a college student in a T-shirt and jeans.

UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本 11 仮定法 解答 [UPLIFT 英作文 入試基本]

Step 1
(1) were
(2) weren't for
(3) had seen
(4) would have
(5) were
(6) as if
(7) only
Step 2
(1) Had it not been for that
(2) felt as if I were in
(3) careful lawyer would avoid troubles like that
(4) hadn't eaten so much you wouldn't
(5) wish he'd learn to take
Step 3
(1) If you had been more careful, you wouldn't have broken this vase.
(2) If we had left a little earlier, we would have managed to catch the last train.
(3) Though it was only fifteen minutes, I felt as if I had had a good night's sleep.
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