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Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson8 動名詞② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. to have
2. playing
3. opening
4. not having
5. joining
6. in

1. got out of the school without being seen by anybody
2. hearing about the discovery of a new star
3. My father promised to buy me a fur coat
4. Do you feel like drinking some coffee
5. Have you considered walking to school
6. get used to reading mystery novels

1. experiencing
2. going
3. raining
4. to reach
5. to be
6. watching
7. to say

1. are worth visiting
2. about not being treated
3. being spoken to by foreigners in English
4. try not to eat between meals
5. going on a hiking
6. visiting the town

1. On hearing
2. no accounting
3. no/ asking
4. in crossing

1. It is no use asking Mike for advice.
2. My father stopped smoking three years ago.
3. I'm looking forward to playing tennis with you tomorrow.
4. Megumi stopped to look at the dress in the show window.
5. I remember going to watch a professional baseball game with my father when I was ten.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson8 動名詞① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. My mother's pastime is reading books in the library.
2. I'm sure of getting a better score in the next test.
3. Jessica denied forming the habit of getting up early.

1. waking
2. finding
3. Keeping
4. playing
5. raining
6. coming
7. studying

1. not coming
2. me being
3. like studying
4. graduating from
5. needs washing
6. of listening
7. having had

1. Walking to the station
2. having told
3. him moving to another town
4. me staying up late
5. going to the movie

1. Have you finished organizing your ideas
2. like me depending on computers
3. Losing concentration during the game
4. Thank you for inviting me to
5. you insist on eating the whole thing yourself

1. Not having breakfast properly every day is bad for your health.
2. The water in this river is good for drinking.
3. I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier.
4. My favorite pastime is dancing to music.
5. Akira is good at looking after young children.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK 不定詞 +PLUS 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. happened to
2. so to speak
3. ready to order
4. made to
5. managed to
6. proved to

1. we can't afford to buy one
2. seemed to be eating a meal
3. All you have to do is
4. use my tablet PC if you want to
5. suffered from a bad headache, to say nothing of tiredness
6. This river is dangerous to swim in in July

1. The car seems to be made in Japan in 1960's.
2. Energy problems are not easy to solve.
3. The teacher seems to be pleased with the present.
4. All you have to do is fill in your address and name in this form.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson7 不定詞③ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. in order to
2. old enough to
3. Needless to say
4. too busy to
5. so/ as to
6. not to

1. seems to react quickly to light
2. seems to have been a blackout in the city
3. seemed to know a lot about our town
4. seemed to have encouraged the children to read

1. ア
2. ウ
3. イ
4. オ
5. エ

1. seems to be pleased with the quick response
2. The carpet is large enough to cover
3. seemed to have gotten worse
4. ran fast in order to catch up
5. To make matters worse
6. told my father not to touch alcohol
7. seem to have been married for many years
8. was too confused to answer his question
9. The population of Japan seems to be decreasing
10. The plane seemed to have been delayed

1. I decided not to eat out to save money.
2. Be careful not to leave things behind.
3. My father seems to be talking with my homeroom teacher.
4. To tell you the truth, I have little money with me.
5. This problem is too difficult for me to solve.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson7 不定詞② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. It was stupid of Tomoki to accept his offer without due care.
2. It was kind of you to show me around Los Angeles.
3. I don't expect him to compare our data with the previous ones.
4. It is natural for you to require concentration when you play chess.

1. me come home
2. me to drive
3. rude of you
4. my son carry
5. for him to do that
6. what to give

1. Just let me know if you need any help.
2. Advanced technology enables us to travel into space.
3. Don't make me say the same thing again and again.
4. Sally asked me to change yen into dollars at the bank.

1. allowed me to go out with
2. advised me to participate in
3. It is essential to build up one's vocabulary
4. has made me appreciate my own town
5. saw my brother create a work of art
6. caused my father to lose a lot of weight
7. nice of you to respond to

1. where
2. what
3. how
4. when
5. which

1. Please tell me how to use this digital camera.
2. I want my father to stop smoking for his health.
3. It is difficult for us to predict an earthquake.
4. Do you know where to buy a ticket for tonight's concert?
5. No one has heard him sing in karaoke.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson7 不定詞① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. have
2. study
3. weigh
4. make
5. find

1. nothing/ to do
2. It/ to play
3. to tell
4. to see
5. to be
6. wants to

1. His dream is to be a doctor and help a lot of sick people.
2. I awoke to find myself far from home.
3. I am planning to go to Austria to study music.
4. I was very happy to hear the news.
5. She has the ability to speak three languages.

1. f
2. b
3. a
4. g
5. e
6. d
7. c

1. It is very expensive to keep up with the fashion
2. I was delighted to be
3. I thought it difficult to make a decision
4. the best way to protect the environment
5. decided to accept her friend's offer of help
6. opportunity to develop an argument

1. Could you lend me something to write with?
2. It is necessary to be careful about everything.
3. He must be rich to live in such a big house.
4. I found it important to understand different cultures.
5. I turned on the TV to see the weather forecast.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Entrance Exam 助動詞・受動態 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. 3
2. 4
3. 3
4. 3
5. 3
6. 1
7. 3
8. 3
9. 4
10. 1
11. 3
12. 2
13. 3
14. 2

1. haven't been informed of the changes to
2. has been said that if you tell
3. He was warned not to interfere with
4. must be tired after working for so long
5. ought not to have eaten

1. This book must be returned to the library by tomorrow.
2. Something unimaginable can happen in our world.
3.(1) You have such a terrible stomachache, so you should see a doctor.
(2) I'm okay, but I shouldn't have eaten so much.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson6 受動態② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. The baby was named Daichi by his parents.
2. Colorful paper cranes were given to Mike by his classmates.
3. Our house is kept clean by my mother.
4. English is taught to us by Ms. Hirose.
5. A CD player was bought for me by my mohter.
6. The wife of the president of the U.S. is called the First Lady.

1. 3
2. 3
3. 1
4. 4
5. 4
6. 4
7. 1

1. was made fun of by the boys
2.(a) is said that Martha is an efficient secretary
(b) is said to be an efficient secretary
3. was surprised at the recent news

1. Her name is known to everyone
2. They were pleased with the reply
3. was filled with excited teenagers
4. Many people were killed in a big earthquake
5. I was disappointed at his statement
6. is said that many species of mammals will disappear

1. I was caught in a shower on my way home last night.
2. It is said that one out of three high school students wear glasses.
3. They are satisfied with the quality of the grapes this year.
4. What are you so excited about?
5. The concert ticket was given to me by my sister.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson6 受動態① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. They were threatened by the robber with a knife.
2. The house was surrounded by large trees.
3. Fashionable clothes are sold at that store.
4. The population growth in the region have been surveyed twice since last year.
5. These cities are connected by high-speed trains.
6. The cause of the train accident will be forgotten in a few years.
7. The problem are being discussed at the moment.

1. Are various kinds of goods being imported from foreign countries?
2. The concert was not held in this hall yesterday.
3. When were a lot of houses damaged by the stormy weather?
4. Who will be invited to the wedding ceremony?
5. Will this dictionary even be used by foreigners?
6. This song has been sung by many people around the world since 1960.

1. was played
2. has just been sent
3. must be observed
4. was discovered
5. is being constructed

1. must be carried
2. has/ been cooked
3. is being cleaned
4. Who/ produced by
5. can be promoted

1. Our car is being repaired now.
2. The top of the mountain can't be seen from here.
3. English is spoken by many people all over the world.
4. When was your bike stolen?
5. A new shopping mall has just been built.

Vision Quest I WORKBOOK Lesson5 助動詞③ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ WORKBOOK]

1. must have contributed
2. should have announced
3. should have started
4. needn't have completed
5. can't have solved
6. may have gained

1. like
2. would like
3. as well
4. may
5. like to
6. needn't have

1. might
2. may as well
3. ought to
4. must
5. Would
6. needn't

1. Kate ought to have locked the door
2. Kumi must have gone in the wrong direction
3. Paul might have followed her advice
4. Would you like to watch the soccer game with us
5. We might as well ask some local person the right way
6. The population in this country couldn't have decreased

1. You should have told me the truth in advance.
2. I would rather take a hot bath than have dinner.
3. He should have met many foreigners in India last year.
4. You needn't have quit the job.
5. Ichiro probably isn't home now, but I might as well call him to make sure.
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