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CH14 時の表現 解答  [-est英作文]

1. while I was watching TV
2.(a) as soon as the game started
(b) When the game started
(c) after the game started
3.(a) by the time you come next
(b) before you come next
4.(a) until you lose it
(b) is not until you lose your health that
(c) only after you lose it
5.(a) Every time I visit Rome
(b) I always find something new
(c) Whenever/ I find something new
6.(a) too late for us to go out after
(b) don't have to go out before
1.(a) Let's take shelter here until the rain stops
(b) Shall we take shelter here while it is raining
2.(a) She always wears sunglasses when she goes out
(b) Every time she goes out, she wears sunglasses
3.(a) You can't leave the place before I come to meet you
(b) You have to stay there until I come to meet you
4.(a) I soon realized that I had made a fatal mistake
(b) It was not long before I found what I had done irreversible
5.(a) Be sure to make a reservation in advance before going to the restaurant
(b) Never fail to make a reservation beforehand when you go to the restaurant
1.(a) my phone rang, I was taking a shower
(b) rang while I was taking a shower
2.(a) they met, they fell in love with each other
(b) fell in love with each other as soon as they met
3.(a) reason will set in in this district
(b) be long before the season sets in in this district
4.(a) a new type of rocket will take at least five years
(b) at least five years to develop a new type of rocket
5.(a) I had got on a wrong train after it started
(b) until the train started that I realized that I had got on a wrong train
1. intended to study all night/ I fell asleep without realizing it
2. when we forget from our mind what we really felt about the past disasters

CH13 比較の表現(2) 解答 [-est英作文]

1.(a) Living in good health is more wonderful than anything else
(b) Nothing is as wonderful as living in good health
2. (a) More and more people are visiting this museum
(b) The number of visitors to this museum is getting larger and larger
3. I would rather leave the company than work under a boss like him
4. (a) The more time passed, the more vivid the memory became
(b) As time passed, the memory became more and more vivid
5. She does not so much love someone as want to love someone
1.(a) I've never seen as moving a play as this before
(b) I've never seen such a moving play as this so far
2.(a) No other year has been as rainy as this year for the last ten years
(b) This year has been rainier than any other year for the last ten years
3.(a) Reading books is no less necessary for mind than food is for body
(b) As food is necessary for body, so reading books is necessary for mind
4.(a) The more people use the Internet, the smaller the earth becomes
(b) As more and more people are using the Internet, the earth is becoming smaller and smaller
5. (a) I would rather have a fortune-teller tell about my health than see that young doctor
(b) I might as well have a fortune-teller tell about my health as see that young doctor.
1.(a) come true is happier than anything else
(b) as happy as having a longtime dream come true
2.(a) to know how he thought rather than what he thought
(b) not so much what he thought as how he thought
3.(a) live in the city, the more attractive we think it to live in the country
(b) in the city longer, it seems more and more attractive to live in the country
4. (a) no more understand this than a baby can understand calculus
(b) understand calculus/ can I understand this
1. that the more people in the world understand the political structure, the better their society becomes.
2. more and more people are deciding to move to the country these days to make their one and only life fulfilling.

CH12 比較の表現(1) 解答 [-est英作文]

1.(a) as amusing as the original novel
(b) me as much as the original novel
2.(a) My car can't run faster than yours.
(b) My car runs more slowly than yours.
3.(a) Gold is about twice as heavy as silver.
(b) Silver is about half as heavy as gold.
4.(a) much more important saying
(b) much more importance than saying
5.(a) the ablest police officer in this police station
(b) the best ability in this police station
1.(a) You should make as few mistakes as possible
(b) You ought to avoid as many mistakes as you can
2.(a) This ham weighs 60 grams less than the label shows
(b) This ham is 60 grams short of its indicated weight
3.(a) He is not a person who would do a thing like that
(b) He would be the last person to do such a thing
4.(a) This model ship is one hundredth as large as the real one
(b) This model ship is a hundredth the size of the real one
5.(a) We must do the best we can to lessen the damage
(b) We have to do whatever possible to minimize the damage
1. more forgetful than I was when I was younger
2. the fifth largest planet in the solar system
3. more highly evaluated in Japan than in France
4. of the Internet is much bigger than that of TV
5. is one of the most wonderful ones
6. the most unique in the exhibition
7. read as many newspapers as possible to learn trends in society
8.(a) He is the most excellent student in math
(b) He is second to none in math
1. to remember their friends' birthday was inferior to that of the elderly
2. a lot of Japanese people who feel happiest when they are working hard

CH20 程度・結果―見方を変えればどうなるか 解答 [-est英作文]

1.(a) This book is so easy that even children can read it
(b) This book is too easy for even children to read
2.(a) Your idea is not so fresh that it will surprise everybody
(b) Your idea is not fresh enough to surprise everybody
3.(a) Viruses are too small to be seen with the naked eye
(b) Viruses are so small that you can't see them with the naked eye
4.(a) It was such an old affair that few people remembered it
(b) The affair was so old that few people remembered it
5.(a) You can't be so busy that you can't do such an easy thing
(b) You can't be too busy to do such an easy thing
6. You can't emphasize the importance of time enough
1.(a) She studied too much and got out of condition
(b) She studied so hard that she went out of shape
2.(a) The pizza was too big for me alone to eat up
(b) The pizza was so big that I couldn't eat it all by myself
3.(a) Tom was not so silly as to argue with her about this important matter
(b) Tom knew better than to argue with her about this important matter
4.(a) No matter earnestly I explained it to him, he couldn't understand me
(b) Though I explained it to him as earnestly as possible, he couldn't understand me
5.(a) Social changes so fast that a lot of people are not able to keep up with them
(b) Social changes at such a rapid pace that a lot of people are left behind by the change
1. too precious to pull down
2. surgery, he or she can't be too careful
3. too fast for anybody to understand
4. warm enough to do without a overcoat
5.(a) exciting that I couldn't resist watching TV
(b) take my eyes off TV because the TV program is very exciting
6.(a) schools, so she may need a little time to get accustomed to the new school
(b) for her to get accustomed to the new school because she just changed schools
1. more complicated than it looks, so you can't completely understand other people.
2. so I went there and found that a kitten which climbed a tree was unable to go down.

CH19 譲歩に関連する表現 解答 [-est英作文]

1.(a) spite of a weekday
(b) but the shop was full of shoppers
(c) Though it was a weekday
2, Whether the students understood it or not
3. It is true her idea is good/ but/ almost impossible
4. However much/ impossible for me to solve
5. (a) Even though/ diseases which he can't cure
(b) However/ he can't cure
(c) It is true/ diseases which he can't cure
1. (a) In spite of his best efforts, he couldn't find out where she was
(b) Though he made his best efforts, he couldn't find out where she was
(c) He made his best efforts, but he couldn't find out where she was
2. money is important, 【but】 there are things which you can't buy with it
3. Even 【though】 he is the President, he has no such authority
4. made in Japan 【or】 in foreign countries, there is no great difference in quality
5. 【what】 times you live in, conflicts will never disappear from the world
6. 【Though】 he doesn't do so well in school, he has popularity and leadership
1. in natural resources, it is blessed with talented people
2. the notion of a job, they were good friends during their lifetime
3. this is a good dictionary, it has a considerable number of misprints
4. are eighty, they have as much strength as they did in their fifties
5. who become the Prime Minister, the foreign policy will not change very much
6. they have to study, whether they are students or members of society
7. he hadn't left other works, only this work would have deserved immortality.
1. Though computer technology has advanced a lot
2. have lived in the U.S. for more than twenty years but can't speak English well

CH18 否定の表現 解答 [-est英作文]

1. Nobody can master a foreign language without a dictionary
2. Not only I but also you are responsible for it
3. they have seldom had fogs in London recently
4. (a) I couldn't understand all that the doctor said
(b) I couldn't make out some part of what the doctor said
5. I can't think she doesn't know where he is
6. I've never listened to any of the CDs you lent me
7. He acquired the knowledge not from books but from experiences
Exercises 18
1. not only effort but also talent is required
2. There is seldom a person who meets this condition
3. None of my family noticed that a thief broke into our house last night
4. is not knowledge but wisdom that is truly important for
5. A good baseball player won't always become a good manager
6. It is impossible to enter this building without being seen by anybody
7. I don't think Japanese people know much about the international situation
1. all that is written in the report is true
2. person to change his attitude according to his partner
3. not only in humans but also in some animals
4. in his hometown know what he was like during his lifetime
5. doesn't guarantee happiness to all of the people in the country
6. the people living in this area has been vaccinated
7. not unusual that it is over 30 degrees Celsius in May in Japan recently
1. have some dreams/ don't always realize them
2. Few people keep themselves from answering the phone

CH17 仮定・条件の表題 解答 [-est英作文]

1. she were not sick/ could go on a trip with us
2. I was watching the movie/ as if I were in a foreign country
3. (a) left home right now/ would miss the train
(b) home right now, or/ will miss the train
4. (a) I had/ I could go to study in England
(b) With/ I could go to study in England
5 (a) Without/ many people would have lost their lives
(b) had not been for this medicine/ many people would have lost their lives
Exercises 17
1. knew her phone number, I would call her
2. the device, we would do the work more smoothly
3. it should rain tomorrow, the school festival would be held
4. you were to be born again, what would you want to be
5. it were not for tradition in the world, innovation might not be born
6. you had contacted me the day before, I would have gone to meet you yesterday
7. paper had not been invented, human knowledge would have been rather limited
1. the weather is not bad tomorrow, I will go on a picnic
2. you should run a fever, take this medicine
3. you had told the truth, this case would have been solved by now
4. the universe were to be limited, what would be the outside
5. it not been for your help, I couldn't have achieved this project
6. I hadn't met him when I was young, my life would have been quite different.
7. Japan hadn't closed its doors to foreign countries, what would have become of Japan
1. going to foreign countries, you could fully master foreign languages
2. had been invented during his/ he would have regarded it as unpleasant.
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