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Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson10 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. My father was taken care of by
2. will publish a new magazine next
3. was moved by his offer to
4. many people have been suffering from
5. got confused by his strange behavior

1. has just been solved
2. are being changed
3. was born in Furano and brought up
4. was going to be finished

1. I was shocked by the ending of the movie.
2. Books on space are selling very well.
3. The story was written by Akutagawa Ryunosuke about 100 years ago.
4. It is said that the novel will be made into a movie.
5. My favorite actor is supposed to appear in the musical.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson9 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. am hungry because I didn't have
2. My family had a dog
3. Have you prepared your presentation yet
4. had already left when I arrived

1. had returned
2. years have passed since
3. was taking a shower
4. had been to

1. We have held several concerts at the hall.
2. I started baseball under the influence of my brother.
3. I have come to appreciate classical music recently.
4. I had been doing kendo for five years when I entered high school.
5. It's been ages since I last went fishing in the river with my father.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson8 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. Richard will come here very soon.
2. Cecilia resembles her mother very much.
3. have known her since she was
4. Japan consists of four main islands

1. has been
2. was about to
3. be arriving
4. is expected to increase

1. I will start a diary today.
2. I'm looking for a good book on economy.
3. I'm going to study computer skills next April.
4. My brother wants to be a professional guitarist, so he plays the guitar for more than six hours every day.
5. She has been studying Chinese at a language school for two years.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson7 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. Lilly told me that it was chilly there that day.
2. David told me not to forget to email him.
3. Sally asked me if I had made that cake.
4. Mother told my brother to go to his room and think about what he had done.
5. I asked Naoki where he had had lunch the previous day.
6. I suggested to my sister that we play cards that night.

1. was told to sit
2. asked me to not tell
3. advised me to see a doctor
4. persuaded my brother to lent me
5. is said to be

1. Sam said that he was moved by the movie.
2. Did you ask Emily if she had watched the movie?
3. I asked Misaki to buy three thickets for the movie.
4. I hear that you are interested in SF movies.
5. This magazine says that the movie will be released this Friday.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson6 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. I felt someone tap my shoulder.
2. I saw him scolded by our teacher.
3. The president had his secretary take notes.
4. was made to wait one hour before

1. Please let me tell you
2. my brother to help
3. made you think
4. words made me

1. My mother didn't let me go to the concert.
2. She had her hair cut that morning.
3. I heard someone call me from a distance.
4. I saw John study in the library yesterday afternoon.
5. He was trying to make himself understood in English.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson5 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. It is getting dark and cold
2. would like you to tell me
3. Her friends call her Gaby
4. think it unlikely that Bob did

1. dream is to be
2. kept me waiting
3. question was whether
4. find the book/ interesting

1. The children's smiles made me happy.
2. I found it important to practice every day.
3. Our coach seems satisfied with our team's result.
4. I was really happy that I took part in the volunteer activity.
5. My work at the nursing home was to talk with elderly people.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson4 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. You need to talk to him
2. reminds me of my happy childhood
3. convinced him that we had
4. provides students with a good education

1. you lend me
2. Thank/ for inviting me
3. finished writing a letter
4. explained to/ what

1. My brother goes to school by train and by bus.
2. Who is playing the guitar?
3. My sister practices the piano every day.
4. I believe that my grandfather will get well soon.
5. My mother taught me how to clean a fish.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson3 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. Can I try it on
2. My father's computer broke down
3. anyone leave a message for me
4. take care of my little brother

1. looking forward to seeing
2. close the window/ leave
3. discussed the matter
4. agree with/ said

1. When will you get to Tokyo Station?
2. My father will pick you up at the station.
3. The art museum opens at nine and closes at six.
4. I'll show you around Tokyo if you come to Japan.
5. Could you call me before you leave New York for Tokyo.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson2 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. The pencil case on the desk is mine
2. To tell a lie is to lose
3. It is not so difficult for Italians to
4. It is doubtful whether John knows the truth

1. To read makes
2. careless of you to
3. It doesn't matter what
4. prevented me form getting

1. It is fun to read comic books.
2. The animation movie made me cry.
3. It took me two weeks to read a complete set of Dragon Ball.
4. The Internet enables you to buy Japanese magazines all over the world.
5. The research shows that people of all generations read Japanese comic books.

Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson1 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. What day is it today
2. You should be kind to elderly people
3. There are three hundred students in
4. It is fifty miles from my house

1. I have/ headache
2. has/ hair/ eyes
3. It is/ quiet
4. Some/ others don't
5. Do they sell

1. It will be fine on New Year's day.
2. We throw beans at demons on the evening of Setsubun.
3. We have the Star Festival on July 7.
4. Some send summer greeting cards in July.
5. The number of people who visit graves during the Bon holidays has been decreasing.
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