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Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson12 仮定法② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. lived
2. bought
3. could speak
4. as if, were
5. were not for, could

1. With more time
2. without his advice
3. otherwise

1. as if nothing had happened
2. wish we had left home before 4:00
3. If only I had gotten up earlier this morning
4. had not been for the discovery, he could not have solved
5. A professional player would not make such a mistake.

1. It is time I took a bath.
2. I wish I had read this book much earlier.
3. He talked as if he had seen the movie.
4. If only I could see him again!
5. If it were not for dictionaries, it would be difficult to study foreign languages.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson12 仮定法① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 1

1. come
2. were
3. lived
4. have
5. won

1. were
2. had studied
3. have saved
4. Were
5. had

1. had, told
2. were to, would
3. should, would
4. had been, have called
5. would, be, had missed

1. If you see her, please tell her I'm at the library.
2. If I had a car, I could get to the station in ten minutes.
3. If you had come a little earlier, you could have seen my sister.
4. If you were to live in a desert island, what would you do?
5. If he had accepted that offer, he would be in Spain now.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson11 比較② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. fastest in
2. taller and taller
3. the oldest buildings
4. The older, the faster

1. most interesting
2. better than any other
3. other student, better
4. No, as well as

1. He dances best of us all.
2. the most expensive computer in this store
3. Meg is by far the best pianist of
4. She is one of the most diligent students

1. Who gets up the earliest in your family?
2. This tower is the third tallest building in the world.
3. Andy is the most talkative boy that I have ever met.
4. The Sinano is longer than any other river in Japan.
5. Our teacher talked more and more quickly.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson11 比較① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 1

1. is as good as that one
2. sings as well as her sister does
3. Nick has as many friends as you
4. don't get up as early as my mother does
5. I have three times as many CDs as my brother

1. cheaper than
2. faster than
3. three years older
4. paints better than

1. the cheaper of the two
2. fifteen minutes earlier than
3. much more boring than
4. half as large as

1. John can swim as fast as his brother.
2. My mother walks more slowly than my father does.
3. It is not as cold this winter as last winter.
4. Your report is twice as long as mine.
5. This room is not smaller than mine.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson10 関係詞③ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 3

1. This is the town where Fred was born.
2. The day when we visited the Grand Canyon was clear and sunny.
3. Mary visited Kyoto, where she wore a kimono.
4. Please explain the reason why you didn't attend class yesterday.
5. My parents told me the place where they went on a date for the first time.

1. wherever
2. whatever
3. whenever
4. Whatever
5. wherever

1. where
2. Wherever
3. Whatever
4. However
5. when
6. whenever

1. You should do whatever you like to do.
2. I don't know the reason why he didn't come to the party.
3. I'll never forget the day when we went to the camp.
4. This is how he solved the problem.
5. Whenever I see her, she wears different clothes.

Vision Quest Lesson10 関係詞② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. which
2. which, in
3. which
4. who
5. with which

1. What, found
2. what, saying
3. what, needed
4. what I mean
5. whom, across

1. These are the shoes which I paid $69.99 for.
2. He told me to stay home, which I thought safer.
3. The medicine cured the disease which I had suffered for a long time.
4. My brother passed the entrance exam, which made me happy.
5. Meg recommended this book, which is written in easy English.
6. Do you remember John Smith, who sent us a letter before.
7. The teacher said the question were easy, which turned out to be false.

1. This is the problem which I worry about.
2. The summer camp which I took part in last year was wonderful.
3. Andy left Japan yesterday, which made me sad.
4. What is written in the article is doubtful.
5. I have three foreign friends, who are good Japanese speakers.

Vision Quest Lesson10 関係詞① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 1

1. which
2. who
3. whom
4. which
5. which
6. whom
7. which

1. I checked the writer who won the literary prize this year.
2. The pictures which Lisa took in New Zealand are beautiful.
3. This is a touching movie which made me cry.
4. I know a girl whose father is a professional baseball player.
5. The singer whom I saw two years ago has become famous.
6. Julia found a carpet whose color she likes very much.
7. The chairperson introduced a man who is a famous professor of economics.

1. This is the bookshelf that my father made
2. I saw a dog whose ears were really big
3. He is the first person that climbed the mountain.
4. Tom is an artist whose works are loved

1. I have a cousin who lives in California.
2. This is the building which was used in the movie.
3. The CD which I borrowed from Emily was really good.
4. I will introduce you to a woman whose sister is a singer.
5. The student whom he taught last year is studying in London.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ Advanced 分詞② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. listening
2. Shocked
3. Judging from
4. Not knowing
5. opening

1. Walking back home, I got caught in a shower.
2. The train leaves at three, arriving in Nagoya at five.
3. Having been educated in the U.S., he speaks English fluently.
4. Being very busy, I forgot to give a call to my mother.
5. Having seen the movie before, I didn't want to see it again.

1. Having a cold, he stayed in bed
2. Reading a novel in my room, I heard
3. having a map, she got lost
4. with her hair streaming in the wind
5. being sick, I returned home

1. She was waiting for a friend, drinking tea.
2. Walking along the beach, I met two girls.
3. The man was listening to music with his eyes closed.
4. Frankly speaking, I don't like shopping with my sister.
5. Having met him before, I recognize him at once.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ Advanced p.66 分詞① [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 1

1. sleeping
2. read
3. painting
4. stolen
5. singing
6. closed

1. I saw him talking with
2. We saw him injured on the stage
3. They stood talking with each other
4. heard someone calling her name
5. I felt myself lifted up
6. He sat happily surrounded by a lot of his grandchildren.
7. had to keep all the windows locked

1. pulled
2. beating
3. stolen
4. heard

1. We saw the rising sun.
2. The girl reading a book over there is my sister.
3. Don't leave the water running.
4. I had my baggage carried upstairs.
5. I heard my name called in the crowd.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ Advanced p.62 動名詞② [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. The music is worth listening to.
2. arriving at the station, he began to
3. It's no use complaining about that
4. There is no telling
5. My brother hasn't got used to driving
6. Don't be afraid of being laughed
7. I'm looking forward to seeing you

1. laughing
2. to write
3. playing
4. trying
5. to go
6. taking

1. finished reading
2. remember visiting
3. forget to do
4. regret quitting

1. I really enjoyed talking with you.
2. I'm not used to staying up late.
3. Don't forget to post this letter.
4. There is no worrying about your future.
5. My sister doesn't like being talked to by a stranger.
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