Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson20 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. don't/ any
2. None of
3. No one
4. nobody/ with
5. nothing more important

1. are not always
2. can't choose both
3. are not always happy
4. Not all
5. am not there all

1. There is little time
2. had little time
3. few mistakes
4. seldom snows
4 【】は補充語
1. Ann no 【more】 does
2. The show was far 【from】 a failure

1. No words can express my happiness.
2. It is almost impossible to live without electricity.
3. Your opinion is no different from mine.
4. Grades doesn't always measure students' value.
5. We had little rain and little snow this year.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson19 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. the tallest of
2. the best of
3. the third tallest
4. best of
5. one of the best
6. the funniest/ that/ ever
7. the worst/ stayed
8. the coldest/ in
9. the oldest/ in
10. by far the best
11. one/ the most/ singers
12. the second most

1. higher than any
2. No one/ as well as
3. nothing better than
4. faster than any other
5. No one/ better than
3 【】は補充語
1. were at 【least】 a hundred people
2. can make the 【most】 of our limited time in Japan

1. I cannot sing as well as you.
2. We are very sorry to change the schedule at the last minute.
3. It is good to know the latest news or incidents.
4. The earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system.
5. What is the most interesting thing while you were traveling?

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson18 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. not as/ as
2. as white as
3. three times as many
4. doesn't/ as/ as
5. as long as
6. twice as/ as

1. five years younger
2. more dangerous than
3. More and more
4. cook better than
5. larger and larger
6. much more difficult
7. The smaller/ the easier
8. two centimeters taller
9. much milder than
10. The more/ the more
3 【】は補充語
1. is higher than 【that】 of my father's PC
2. was more interesting than I'd 【expected】

1. In the country, it is warmer in the north than in the south.
2. I like fruit better than sweets.
3. Gas is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
4. She spends much more time reading than I do.
5. The more you get, the weaker your memory becomes.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK 英作に使える構文④ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. as/ as possible
2. As many as/ cars
3. not so much/ as sick
4. More and more
5. The more/ the more difficult
6. none the less

1. There is no going
2. There/ nothing like/ taking
3. will not be long before
4. never/ until
5. had no choice but/ be
6. the last person to
7. failed to get

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK 文法の確認⑤ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. as popular as
2. as exciting as reading
3. as/ as that one

1. more popular that
2. more difficult than learning
3. easier than/ one

1. the largest/ in
2. most/ in
3. the shortest of
4. fastest of

1. Not all
2. not/ both
3. No one
4. None of my friends

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson17 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. Because/ until
2. since/ was invented
3. When I bought
4. Every time
5. By the time
6. before/ comes
7. so nervous that
8. partly because
9. such/ gentle

1. no matter where you go
2. Whether he comes or not
3. Though I'm not a good English speaker
4. Once he makes up his mind
5. If he changes his mind
6. Unless she cancels
7. Even if we lose
8. Whatever he thinks of me
9. Though coffee tastes bitter
3 【】は補充語
1. carefully instructed her 【so】 that she would make any mistakes
2. 【long】 as he stays with me, I am happy

1. Even if I fail again and again, I will keep on trying.
2. Her dress is so beautiful that I want one.
3. Whatever the result may be, I don't mind it.
4. By the time he comes back, I will have finished cleaning.
5. As far as I heard, he is innocent.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson16 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. usually skates
2. such as
3. in order to study
4. with his legs crossed
5. with my eyes closed
6. on the other
7. Unfortunately/ during
8. way home
9. for the first time/ ten years

1. to have answered that difficult question
2. Watching the movie on TV
3. to get married
4. to be a lawyer
5. reading a newspaper
6. to get a notification of acceptance
3 【】は補充語
1. worked hard in 【order】 to catch up with you
2. was not able to travel abroad 【because】 of my mother's illness
3. To make matters 【worse】, I didn't have a map

1. I walked with my hands full of baggage.
2. I called a friend for the first time in a week.
3. Surprised at the news, she ran to the hospital.
4. She is highly intelligent to understand the theory.
5. His class went downtown on a field trip.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson15 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. classmate who can play
2. which was carried
3. the mountain whose
4. all the money that
5. which I found interesting
6. What I need is
7. pen with which
8. where he has worked
9. which was not

1. where we went fishing
2. This is the town where
3. the day when you first came to our house
4. Tell me the reason why
5. how I finished so much homework
6. when my cousin, Shota, came
7. Wherever you go
3 【】は補充語
1. That is 【why】 she was late for the meeting
2. You can eat 【whatever】 you like in this restaurant

1. This is the garden which the queen loved.
2. Can I see the house where the celebrity lived?
3. We booked the hotel, which was very cheap.
4. There are several reasons why Japanese people study English.
5. We are looking for a restaurant where we can have dinner tonight.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK Lesson14 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. famous for
2. friend enthusiastic
3. with/ blue
4. by the river
5. on the desk

1. for us to do today
2. something hot to drink
3. the best way to study English
4. a lot of pets to take care of
5. The man playing the piano
6. a sister working
7. candles burning
8. Books written in plain English
9. the language spoken all over the world
10. a electric fan made
3 【】は補充語
1. Once you make a 【promise】 to do it
2. The idea 【of】 traveling to Rome is good
3. The news 【that】 the old man died spread

1. During the trip, I have an opportunity to see him.
2. She had no chance of becoming a first-class registered architect.
3. Do you have anything to declare?
4. My father bought a new smartphone with many functions.
5. This website uses pictures taken from the satellite.

Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK 英作に使える構文③ 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ WORKBOOK]

1. enough to pass
2. it is too/ to study
3. so long as

1. more toys than
2. the same/ as he has