Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson20 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. There was no food left
2. all of the students participate in the club activities
3. have read none of these novels
4. don't need both of the dictionaries

1. I can hardly hear
2. one knows what happened
3. is far from the truth
4. you are no longer a child

1. I can't imagine a life without e-mails
2. Not all of the students have their own computers.
3. Information on the Internet is not always reliable.
4. Some people pay little attention to the security for their computers.
5. Few students understood fully the danger of the Internet.

質問受け付け [英文法質問コーナー]



Vision Quest Ⅱ Lesson19 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. the third largest city in Canada
2. the most delicious pizza that I've
3. this winter will be the coldest in twenty
4. is by far the most popular attraction in

1. is the cleverest of
2. The tallest building in the world
3. take at least three hours to
4. make the most of what you

1. That was one of the best concerts that I had ever held.
2. This will make him happier that any other present.
3. My father bought me the latest album of my favorite singer.
4. The most memorable thing given to me is a letter from my grandmother.
5. I realized that nobody loved me more than my mother did.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson12 仮定法② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. lived
2. bought
3. could speak
4. as if, were
5. were not for, could

1. With more time
2. without his advice
3. otherwise

1. as if nothing had happened
2. wish we had left home before 4:00
3. If only I had gotten up earlier this morning
4. had not been for the discovery, he could not have solved
5. A professional player would not make such a mistake.

1. It is time I took a bath.
2. I wish I had read this book much earlier.
3. He talked as if he had seen the movie.
4. If only I could see him again!
5. If it were not for dictionaries, it would be difficult to study foreign languages.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson12 仮定法① 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 1

1. come
2. were
3. lived
4. have
5. won

1. were
2. had studied
3. have saved
4. Were
5. had

1. had, told
2. were to, would
3. should, would
4. had been, have called
5. would, be, had missed

1. If you see her, please tell her I'm at the library.
2. If I had a car, I could get to the station in ten minutes.
3. If you had come a little earlier, you could have seen my sister.
4. If you were to live in a desert island, what would you do?
5. If he had accepted that offer, he would be in Spain now.

Vision Quest Ⅰ Lesson11 比較② 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]

Exercises 2

1. fastest in
2. taller and taller
3. the oldest buildings
4. The older, the faster

1. most interesting
2. better than any other
3. other student, better
4. No, as well as

1. He dances best of us all.
2. the most expensive computer in this store
3. Meg is by far the best pianist of
4. She is one of the most diligent students

1. Who gets up the earliest in your family?
2. This tower is the third tallest building in the world.
3. Andy is the most talkative boy that I have ever met.
4. The Sinano is longer than any other river in Japan.
5. Our teacher talked more and more quickly.

Vision Quest Lesson18 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. Traveling by train is more enjoyable than by car.
2. My brother prefers playing soccer to watching it.
3. The population of the world is about four times as large as
4. the climate of Japan is milder than that of your country

1. run as fast
2. is four years older than
3. much better than
4. not as difficult as I thought it would be

1. I have come to like dogs better than before.
2. More and more people keep dogs as pets.
3. Chihuahuas are much more active than they look.
4. Training a cat was not as easy as I had expected.
5. The longer you keep a cat, the more you like it.

Vision Quest Lesson17 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. by the time you come back
2. Could you speak up so that everybody
3. Since there has been a shortage of rain
4. so sleepy that I couldn't study last night

1. even if it is raining
2. whenever I call her
3. whatever my parents say
4. unless we leave early in the morning
5. as long as the prices are reasonable

1. When I was talking with my father, my cell phone rang.
2. If cell phones are used properly, they are really useful.
3. You must turn your cell phones off in the movie theater so that you will not disturb others.
4. You can receive the latest news on your smart phone as long as the battery lasts.
5. Some people say that though cell phones are useful, they generate harmful electromagnetic wave.

Vision Quest Lesson16 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. in order to get a ticket
2. for the first time in six months
3. very sad to hear that Daniel
4. to make matters worse, I have

1. take the subway in order to go downtown
2. doing the dishes
3. Covered with clouds
4. with his hands in his pockets

1. Computers have become much better recently.
2. In my opinion, modern life has become so easy because of science technology.
3. Electric dictionaries are very useful when you look up words.
4. I'm glad to know that the video game software will go on sale.
5. Thanks to the development of transportation system, you can go anywhere in Japan in a day.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅱ Lesson15 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅱ]


1. He is a talented director whose films have won many awards.
2. John Lennon is one of the musicians who gained success all over the world.
3. Do you know any restaurants where I can eat with my dog?
4. I don't know the reason why she hasn't talked to me.
5. My grandfather likes to talk about the good old days when there were no TVs.
6. I'll give you some tickets to the museum which many children visit.

1. the first song that I wrote
2. find whatever you need
3. That's why I took a taxi to the station.
4. went to the library, where she looked for
5. what hasn't happened yet

1. Chinese food which I ate in Yokohama tasted good.
2. Jim took me to the park with beautiful roses.
3. While I was on a trip in Hokkaido, I became friends with a man from Australia.
4. When I was a child, my family lived in a house with a blue roof.
5. We visited Kinkakuji temple, which was really beautiful.