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Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ Advanced p.12 文型と動詞② [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]


1. call this cat Mimi
2. Don't leave the door open
3. The good result made him proud
4. are various animals in the zoo
5. We kept our promise a secret from
6. isn't much room in the cabinet

1. You look disappointed at the score〔自動詞〕
2. We discussed the problems of our team〔他動詞〕
3. I talked to my teacher about〔自動詞〕
4. His rude behavior made me angry〔他動詞〕
5. I sent my host mother a greeting card〔他動詞〕

1. apologized for
2. can't stand
3. runs an oil company
4. rose
5. raised her hand

1. Were there many people in the party yesterday?
2. I painted the kitchen wall white.
3. My grandmother married my grandfather when she was nineteen.
4. I found her advice very useful.
5. I object to smoking here.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ Advanced p.10 文型と動詞① [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]


1. The Sumida River(S), flows(V)
2. The view(S), is(V), beautiful(C)
3. We(S), play(V), badminton(O)

1. I borrowed a CD from Chris.〔O〕
2. Her husband is an engineer in a car company.〔C〕
3. The store on the corner sells hot dogs.〔O〕
4. That magazine looks interesting.〔C〕
5. A strange things happened to me yesterday.〔M〕

1. brush my teeth
2. looks too small
3. told me
4. became a member
5. showed her some pictures

1. He sat down on a chair.
2. I gave her a bus ticket.
3. I spent all my allowance in a day.
4. This salad tastes a little sour.
5. My parents bought me a computer online.

Vision Quest English Expression Ⅰ 文の種類 解答 [Vision Quest Ⅰ Advanced]


1. I didn't miss my family during my stay in Europe.
2. The restaurants in my town aren't open on Sundays.
3. Julia doesn't grow flowers in her garden.
4. Mike won't show up for the party tonight.
5. This bus goes downtown.
6. The store on the corner doesn't sell stamps.
7. I was pleased with the players' performance.

1. Did he put on his raincoat before going out? / Yes, he did.
2. Can Jim read books in German? / Yes, he can.
3. Was Alice busy with her homework after school? / Yes, she was.
4. Did they arrive in time for their train? / Yes, they did.
5. Does his school have a big swimming pool? / No, it doesn't.
6. Does she take tennis lessons every Sunday? / No, she doesn't.
7. Is this writer's latest book popular among young people?

1. When did Ken become an American citizen?
2. What did Janet attend yesterday?
3. Why did you choose this school?
4. Who won the gold medal in the marathon race last Sunday?
5. Where did your father take these beautiful photos?
6. How many people took part in the computer lesson?

1. Don't enter that room.
2. That tall man is your brother, isn't he?
3. This bag doesn't have a price tag.
4. Let's order ice cream for dessert.
5. How stylish this watch is!

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